Draft -Tone


It was last June when I picked up the phone                                    
and heard her say before the message tone,                                  
"I'll soon get back to you." - You think that choice                      
caused me to hesitate? Or was it just  the voice,                                             
not heard these fifteen years: Well, as you know,                                     
We had been dancing partners. - Don't smile.We'd go                       
To halls to show them how it's done. A waltz,                                                         
they say, is from the eyes. If so, no faults                                        
betrayed us at that time - for hers to mine                                       
were fixed so as she feigned to lean in time                                   
this way or that - applause. Those in the know                              
remarked on how her gown would sway an echo                  
of our unison as if with fields of wheat, 
governed by an undulating wave, repeat
its pendulum of natural harmonies.
Though - as you say - not all tuned in to these.                

                                                                                        Dust tumbled rolling slow, the light oblique.
                                                                                       After the message tone--I did not speak.
                                                                                        That time.

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